An exciting and stunning fantasy Visual Novel where every decision matters!

The Story

You play as Thorn Caasberk, a famous Beast Hunter who is called upon the village of Chanterville to fight against a terrible monster! In the course of three days you meet the villagers and unfold the story. Will you be able to defeat the monster in the end?

Meet the villagers

To find out what's going on you will have to talk to the villagers of Chanterville. Joke around with the local blacksmith, get into heated debates with the soldier, decipher the crazy words of the druid, compliment the proud mayor of the village or drink a cold beer with the landlady in the tavern!

About Team Agaricus

Who We Are

We're a fungus-friendly student group of Berlin's S4G School for Games, consisting of four amazing artists and one dauntless designer/producer. Audibly supported by a talented group of music students called Team Unten-Rum.

What We Do

We make games and music, so we wrote, programmed, designed, painted, orchestrated and composed to make Requiro happen. We put everything we learned into our game to make it a great experience!


Take a look at the beautiful artwork of Requiro in our gallery:

Screenshot Tutorial Talk Screenshot Druid Talk Main Menu Intro Sequence Screenshot Soldier Talk Screenshot Landlady Talk Creature Concepts Marketplace Tavern Evening

The Music of Chanterville

The Soundtrack of Requiro was made by the musicians of Team Unten-Rum, you can find the tunes here:


Reach the credits to hear this beautiful Song that leaves you with a feeling of grieve and sorrow for something... more


Feel your blood rising to the beat of the exciting fight organ.

Map Theme

A peaceful interlude to linger on before you decide where to go next.

Gate Away

Ah, yes. Guard the gate. Stand strong.

Cock of the North

If you want to cock-a-doodle-doo, you may find your luck in Chantervilles tavern "The Stone Mushroom".

Pussy of the South

A lively song for a lively place like the market, definitely makes you say 'miaow'!


Don't meadow with us! We're very peaceful and laid back people, just like this title.

Meet the Team

As Team Agaricus we want to create a beautiful and memorable gaming experience for everyone. Here is everyone on our team:


Leon Hartmann

Art Lead / Character Design / Illustration


Carsten Maczey

Character Design / Illustration


Felix Ohl

Character Design / Programming


Lorenz Kockrick

Character Design / UI/UX Design


Ursula Dettmer

Production / Game Design / Narrative Design


Heinrich Wallroth

Composition / Piano / Percussions / Vocals


Juliana Otto

Composition / Cello / Tambourin / Vocals


Onno Spuhl

Music Unit Manager / Music Postproduction / Vocals


Luise Catenhusen

Flute / Composition


Ben Hellmundt


Play our Game

You can download our game on by clicking the book down below or clicking this link

Contact us

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to send us a message.

S4G School for Games GmbH
Team Agaricus
Gruenberger Stra├če 54
10245 Berlin

+49 30 96595244